Amazing Dubai Desert Safari Experience

Desert has a life in itself and you will be surprised to know what all one can do and enjoy in this land full of sand. Spending a night under the starry sky can transform you into a complete romantic. Once you have spent time a desert and participated in some of the activities, you won’t want to return from there. The Desert Safari is coming up on the list of tourist attraction activities with the help of tourist department of Dubai. You just need to book yourself with a good tour operator who will get all the arrangements done for the Safari.

Amazing Dubai Desert Safari Experience
Amazing Dubai Desert Safari Experience

The deal includes fine BBQ dinner, breakfast and Shisha and much more in the bill. Toyota Land cruiser sand dune ride, quad biking, buggy ride and camel ride not only would get you closer to desert ecosystem but also fill you with enthusiasm. You can very well pack your bags with winter warm jackets because these deserts could make you shiver at night. Please do check the itinerary of whichever tour operator you book yourself with. Adventure sport like sand boarding will also be included in the itinerary of many. This overnight stay in the desert could make you a changed person. You could enjoy Shisha or ‘Hookah’ that is local but famous. Henna painting is another specialty of the place where you can get temporary tattoos made of natural henna.

There is belly dancing which will be performed by the professionals. The important fact to be remembered is that in the holy month of Ramadan liquor and belly dancing professionals won’t be there for your entertainment. You can captivate a number of beautiful memories as deserts are full of these. Various rare flora and fauna decorate this particular ecosystem and make it a beautiful habitat. The best thing about desert safari is the dune bashing sport, which is not applicable for pregnant ladies, children below the age three or people suffering from heart attack. For them there is ‘dune bashing free’ ride which is safe for such people. Desert safari is one of the romantic trips that one can enjoy in whichever way he or she wants. You can opt from various kinds of desert safaris like Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner, Overnight Desert Safari, Dune Buggy Safari, Morning desert safari, camel safaris and boarding or quad biking etc.


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